Frequently Asked Questions About Tryouts:

  • How many tryouts must my son or daughter attend? We ask that all players attend a minimum of 1 tryout date.  Attending more however will give the evaluators more opportunities to assess the player.
  • Do I have to attend tryouts in my own age group? To be considered for ANY age group you are required to attend at least one tryout for that age group.  With the exception of High School kids, ALL KIDS MUST ATTEND AT LEAST ONE TRYOUT IN THEIR BIRTH YEAR. Kids are encouraged to play in their birth year. (High School Age excluded).  Playing up to simply be with friends or because carpooling is easier, is not a justification as our primary objective is the development of the player.
  • What do I need to bring with me? Plenty of water and a properly inflated soccer ball (U12 and under size 4 ball, U13 and above size 5 ball)
  • What should I wear? All players should be in proper soccer attire:
    • Soccer cleats & shin guards
    • WHITE t-shirt of some sort.   NO CLUB COLORS or  jersey's/reversible pinnies
    • DARK Shorts, DARK soccer socks
  • When do I arrive? Please try to arrive 15 minutes prior to the tryout start time.  This allows for proper time to sign in your son or daughter, get their evaluation ID, and warm up.
  • What is the schedule and cost for the fall season and beyond? Each team’s budget and schedule, to include league play, tournaments, and practices, varies team to team.  Older and higher level teams play a bit more, younger teams a little less.  Practices normally start in July, tournament play in August, and league play starts in September with activities carrying on until May of the next year.  At tryouts more information will be provided on commitment, both time and financial, as well as the coaching staff will be on hand to answer any questions. 
  • When will I find out if I've made a team? Within 24 hours of the final tryout for that age group, invites will begin to be made.  With multi team age groups, once the 1st team is set, the 2nd team goes.  So forth and so on until everyone is notified.

PARENTS: Tryouts are scary enough, PLEASE NO YELLING OR COACHING during ANY tryout evaluation.