Team Formation Process

With every tryout season, there comes potential for change and great anxiety from players, parents and coaches alike. We encourage you to remember that each year is a chance to grow, to develop as a player, to develop as a person and to develop a passion for soccer. One year can help you get better, but one year won't define you forever. 

We understand and admire the desire for players to be on "the best team", but hope that you understand the potential difference between that and "the best team for your player right now". The development path we have created and continue to strive for and strengthen allows for movement of players among play levels. Your player's desire to improve allows for that. Each player goes through the process at different rates. We encourage you not to get caught up in the level of team your player is on and instead focus on the path of their development. The strength of our club lies in the players that fully buy in, fully commit and fully focus on their development. 

The team formation process will be led by the Team Coaches, with input from the Director of Coaching and the Gender Group Directors.  Player placement decisions rely on a multitude of inputs based on tryout results. 

While every effort is made to place each player on a team,  roster size restrictions and the number of players trying out at an age group may prevent placement of every player.

Factors determining player team placement:

Tryout Performance - Each coach in the club is continuously evaluating players by position for each competitive team. Observations made by the Technical Staff during tryouts will also be taken into consideration when forming teams. 

Commitment - Commitment to the team as it relates to attendance for both training and games during the entire competitive season. A player's involvement with other activities, although highly encouraged, will be assessed and the staff will determine the best interest for the club and particular team for a player's potential involvement. For Premier teams, there is a higher standard of commitment and attendance expected. 

Tryout Performance - Players will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Technical - dribbling, passing, receiving, etc.
  • Tactical - decision-making, vision, movement off the ball, etc.
  • Physical - speed, agility, strength, etc.
  • Psychological - competitiveness, aggressiveness, team player, etc.

In order to maximize player development, we will do our best to place players on teams where they are surrounded by others of similar ability, commitment, and aspirations.

Team Placement Notification and Commitment

After Tryouts, rosters are typically finalized within a week. Players will be notified via email with next steps to either accept or decline their roster spot. The notice will be sent to the main email entered in your Tryout registration.